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Sirius the Heavenly Gateway

//Sirius the Heavenly Gateway

Sirius the Heavenly Gateway

Sirius the heavenly gateway – the portal opens June 22nd – 22nd of August 

Sirius the Heavenly Gateway

The Ancients acknowledged the planets as Gods that trekked beyond night-time arabesque luminous skies, within its aura of a thousand stars, one super star called Sirius captured the spot light and enchanted the heavens.

The star’s intense intricacy of cosmology arouses the planets relationship to the universe and each other, and thus arouses humanity and can awaken human consciousness.

The Ancient Egyptians trusted Astrology and Astronomy, as it mirrors the power of heaven on the earth, as above so below.  They see Sirius as the doorway to the afterlife, indicating devoted protection and safe passage, through the gateway from one realm to the next.

On Light of Lemuria Egypt Gypsy tours, we will have access to the ancient coding’s and teachings of the mystery school from the star system of Sirius, the entrance to the gateway of the divine, embracing these sacred portals in specific locations throughout Egypt on our tour for powerful spiritual awakening.

From June 22nd to the 12th of August each year, Sirius illuminates its magical rays on our planet. Sirius is paramount in its synergy with the Earth and the whole solar system, sometimes known as the earths spiritual sun, its relationship to earth and mankind, is one of ascension, protection and spiritual activation.

From June 22nd of each year, Sirius unlocks its heavenly gateway and opens a portal, to connect with our earth and assist in restoring our planet. It is believed that the sun is furthest away at this time for winter solstice and that the star Sirius, the earths blue spiritual sun, shines on the earth for three days while the sun comes back into its cycle again and starts to wax for the rest of the year. It is the helper of our sun and plays a big role in our system, shinning its sacred light in earth’s darkest hour.

With Sirius direct rays on earth at this time, there has never been a more powerful time for spiritual awakening, enhanced intuition, direct channelling and messages from higher intelligence. This time of year is believed to be a time of awareness, where the heart opens just a little bit more, as Sirius opens the heart of humanity and takes off the veil, that is blocking your sight and senses.

Earth’s nearby neighbour, Sirius sparkles an intense blue, white and reddish glow, it is believed to be 20 times brighter than our own sun. There are 3 stars in the binary star system, Sirius A (the largest star), Sirius B (medium white Dwarf) and the 3rd (smallest), which is being investigated, although once understood by the Dogon tribe in Mali, West Africa, the Nammo (amphibian race) star beings would frequent them regularly, they would teach them the wisdoms and intellect, thus giving them knowledge of the 3rd star enigma, that scientists are only just finding out about today.

The ancients believed at this time when Sirius was near Earths side, they could go through the gateway of this powerful portal to download psychic information and channel higher frequencies that would guide spiritual advancement here on earth. The Ancient Egyptians dedicated this star to Isis, (also named “Sopet star”) who at the winter and summer solstice played a big role in death and rebirth with her husband Osiris, the turning of the wheel and seasons, which is when Sirius gateway opens up to earth.

On the 8th of August is of another spiritual importance known as the Lion’s gate, it is here where the portal is at its strongest, where we can download unlimited abundance of powerful light coding. After the sun is furthest from the earth at winter solstice on June 22nd, Sirius actions as our spiritual sun, aiding the sun as it starts to wax for the coming year ahead.

The spiritual sun Sirius will then start to straighten in accordance to our own sun, giving a powerful intense spiritual light to humanity and Mother Earth. With the lights rays of our spiritual sun Sirius and the lights rays from our own sun, mingling their light together and cradling the Earth.  With earth united with both suns, we are in for one dynamic and spiritual universal blessing. Numerologically it is on the 8th of the 8, a high vibrational number, the number of the Goddess, for intuition, rebirth, higher wisdom and ascension.


How to access this energy at this time?

Sirius is here to tell us to open up our awareness and follow our intuition and hearts, it embraces the verve of freedom and creativity, expanding one’s awareness and giving back spiritual power and vitality. The sun will be in the constellation of Leo, as to why it is called the Lions gate, the lions gate on the 8th is a time to release the old karmas that keep you stuck and hold you back, start to see yourself as not being in the universe, but actually being the universe itself. Intentions are the key to successfully manifesting at this time, meditational work on opening the heart chakra or even star gazing for direct channelling at this very time is important to download the coding’s of light.

Special dates for Sirius heavenly gates from June through to August –

June 22nd: winter solstice and the opening of the gateway of Sirius

July 19th: Egyptian Goddess Isis Birthday or sacred day, linked with Sirius

August 8th: Lions gate portal

For more information on rituals and meditations for this powerful astrological event, or to enquire about Egypt Gypsy tours go contact us.

Blessed Be,

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