Egypt Gypsy Tour
December 2017

If your passions are trekking and adventure, to peaceful meditations in scared sites, influential encounters with spiritual teachers or culturally connecting with the locals, our spiritual tour is aimed to offer the best of Egypt. Our personalised planned program eliminates the tired tourist route, illuminating a deep and vibrant culture which will leave you breath taken. 
This is a powerful journey, a spiritual awakening for the soul. Being initiated by the Deities themselves in their own temples, meditating and visiting the Pyramid of Giza with exclusive access to magical portals, which will transform your existence to a multidimensional reality. You will be guided on a soul journey of gentle discovery, profound insight, intuition and divine connection of oneness. Egypt magically reveals hidden powers that reside in your soul, giving you back courage, strength, love, wisdom, peace, freedom and radiance. Connecting to the higher dimensions in Egypt will guide you home to yourself and give you back your soul purpose. 
  Sacred initiations at the temples of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses will awaken the inner priest or the priestess within you, it will feed your gypsy soul and unite you to the raw untamed mysteries Egypt has to offer.  Egypt is calling all truth seekers for 2017. You are invited to be a part of something extraordinarily revolutionary.
 "If you are in two minds as to whether you should do this tour..  let me gently say..  yes, you should, it will change your life".

Egypt Gypsy Tour Highlights
2 week itinerary with the options to extend for 1 week at the Red Sea

* Swimming with Dolphins
* Private access in the Kings Chamber Pyramid and visit the Sphinx
* 5 star Accommodation and cruise on the Nile
* Camel ride amongst the Pyramids
* Sakkara Temple and step pyramid
* Karnak temple and visit to the Goddess Sekhmet
* Luxor/ Thebes & the Valley of the Kings
* Temple of Kom Ombo
* Temple of the God Horus at Edfu
* Aswan and visit Isle of Philae Temple home to the Goddess Isis
* Abydos the God Osiris Temple
* Dendara home to the Goddess Hathor
* Abu Simbel
* Alexandria and the Mediterranean Sea
* Dashur and the bent and red Pyramid
* Daily Meditations and ceremonies
* Healings & readings included
* Balloon ride over Luxor and Valley of the Kings
* Private felucca ride on the Nile and visit the local Nubian villages
* Swim the Nile in Aswan at a secluded beach
* Eat traditionally with the locals and stroll through the markets
*optional extension to the Red Sea Hurghada 

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"I came on this Light of Lemuria journey to Egypt at the completion of a big part of my life and a period of letting go of the old and wanting to bring in the new for 2017. I'm often trying situations and culture differences, and with this tour I had a life changing experience. I normally travel alone and i had my father to share the experience, who was born in Egypt and who has not returned for 50+ years. Trisha was supporting us through Skype and email for around 9 months before we even set foot on the sacred space of Egypt. This helped us, as there was a location difference, I was from Melbourne Australia and Light of Lemuria (Trisha the director) was based on the Gold Coast Australia. Once we arrived we were supported by her and her Egypt tour leader in Egypt, both went above and beyond. We had an amazing group of 7 who we all bonded from the start. The activities were varied, from daily meditations and spiritual work that was out of this world....LITERALLY!  To the beautiful food and accommodation we were blessed with, to the very well planned daily activities to the pyramids and temples were all so well organised and I felt completely relaxed and looked after. I loved how Trisha supported us and was sensitive to each person's differences and what each was processing after the individual healings, readings and energy work we were raising for ourselves in the sacred temples and for our souls. Trisha's knowledge and care was undisputed and the team's historical knowledge and passion for the country was beautiful to see. Lastly, I loved how it was a "go with the flow tour.. run on Goddess time" as Trisha would put it. This is what i wanted, a tour that was so carefully constructed and planned, yet relaxing enough to enjoy your holiday, it ran smoothly and to its own tempo.  I now feel ready for 2017 and what new opportunities it will bring because of my journey in Egypt with Light of Lemuria. I highly recommend doing a tour with Trisha, you won't regret it.  I plan to do the Hawaii Gypsy Tour with Light of Lemuria in the near future".  
Love Giuliano - Egypt Gypsy Tour 2016


"Sometimes you have a vision or dream that no one else can see but yourself. One of my dreams was of the romantic, mystic and the most ancient of civilisations of Egypt. Then I had the pleasure of doing a tour to Egypt with Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours with Trisha in 2016. Her divine presence and understanding of the spiritual side of the tour was like being shifted back to the magical era of the ancient times combined with her historical guide, you will be transformed effortlessly through the breathtaking and compelling country. I can’t thank Trisha enough for this life changing experience so much so I’m going back a 2nd time with her"
Jenny - Egypt Gypsy Tour 2016 & 2017

"My name is Mario and I have completed one of the best spiritual tours in Egypt with Trisha and also with an amazing group, which was part of the tour and a great Egyptian tour guide. The sites seen were amazing from the different temples, to the lovely Nile sceneries in Aswan and Luxor, the amazing Pyramids as well as the Red Sea Resort. Also was amazing was the spiritual links and energies emitted from the different temples, together with the healing and readings done by Trisha has triggered a new spiritual path to my life as well as the breaking of some karmas of the past.  I have enjoyed every minute, together with some of my physical trauma which was lessened by the groups help and all the healing energy work. It's a tour I would recommend to anyone, to achieve great spiritual benefits".
Cheers and love,
Mario - Egypt Gypsy Tour 2016









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